maandag 1 augustus 2011


Today already the first day of the last month withouth the letter R- in it, when we move further into summer, and see nature blossom around us, I can not help myself to admire what is happening every time and time again. August is also called the harvest month and clearly starting to show it's wealth around us, I have seen the dark red to dark purple, almost black ripe coloured blackberries on the bushes underneith the trees in the forrest already. Also the Elder is leting his berries hang down in a lushfull show of deep red to black colours.And even if the wasps are flying around more agressively, just think ... this is nature aswell, I heard a tip today that might keep them away from your table: take a lemon, cut it in halve and put cloves in it, then place it on your table. It is said that this is something that will keep them away.